Album Cover
Back to Zero
Zach Pohl
Released: Nov 16, 2013
Label: Independent
Track Listing
1 Message
2 Back to Zero
3 Ragin Rivers
4 Backslide
5 Born To Be Free
6 Sober and Sane
7 Mississippi Blues
8 Little Mockingbird
9 Give Me Wings
10 Bound to Fly
11 True Man Blues
12 The Voice
13 The Calling
14 You Will Find

Liner Notes

 Special Thanks


First and foremost I've got to thank my Dad and my brother Doug Kent.  Also,  Grandma, Claudia, Morgan & Scott,  Deborah Driscoll, Greg Ramirez, Valenti  Funk, Shaggy J. Kerr, Britton Keene, Richard Davis, Delphi, The Reeves Family, ArtLoveMagic,  Josh Boulet, Davin, Julie and the Rising Starz, Aidan, Becky Hyden, Bill Wisener, C Monster, Habitable Spaces, Southern Karma, The LCA,The TANSTAAFL Pub, Lone Star Coffee Bar and family, Vader-head Don, Amberly and Carlos, Envision. Design. Create., Dr. Nick, Heather & the Kids, The Elsass family and crew, AJ Vallejo, VMG,  Hadyn Vitera, Tequila Mockingbird,  The Mixed Nuts, Papa Duct Tape, Jeff Shattle, M. "Freebird" Artull,  Oliver White, Wick’s Saloon, William Neal (WJN Photography), Melissa & Dale (Highway82/TexasRed Photography), Greg & Destinee, ONE-2-ONE bar, Mary Jane, Bill Paige, Matt Baron, The Henson Mafia, Ed and Greg, Mr. McKean,  Ron Shirey, Cristobal, Nana, Darryl, Jeremy, Michael and Brother James, Chat and Wanda, Keanan, The Dangerfields, Charity and Randal, The Austin family, Randol Bass, to all of my family, friends, fans AND Good Orderly Direction.


Ed, Rivers, and RPD may you find peace and happiness wherever you may be. 


Last and most importantly; my beautiful wife who loves me no matter what, inspires me every day and gives me reason to live life more fully.  I couldn’t have done it without you!



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