Tour 2014

I am very excited to go on tour this summer.  This tour focuses on the power of music.  I plan to perform anywhere that accepts me.  This means my stops include churches, halfway houses, coffee shops, cafes, bars and street corners.  On this musical adventure my music will be available for donation only. 

Why am I taking this tour?  Ever since I was in kindergarten I've wanted to travel and make music.  It's time I made that dream a reality.  I believe with all my soul that I must encourage and promote the highest standards of creativity, performance, education and research in music.  My mission is simple:  Make music everywhere I go.  My goal is to return home with enough money to record my next album in spring 2015.  My hope is to instill in all people an awareness of music's important role in the enrichment of the human spirit.  

Please help me get across the country and return home with a new cd ready to record.

 If you would like to help me in other ways please help me spread the word by following me on social media and sharing my music.  Thank you all so much for your love and support! 

Well, here it is.  These are the planned stops on my tour.  Thanks!

July 12        Austin, TX
July 19        Carrollton, TX
July 20        Wichita Falls, TX
July 21        Wichita Falls, TX - 8th Street Coffee 11am-1pm
July 21        Amarillo, TX - The 806 Coffee Lounge 9pm
July 22        Trinidad, CO
July 23        Colorado Springs, CO - Pikes Perk 6pm
July 24        Denver, CO
July 27        Cheyenne, WY
July 29        Caspar, WY
July 30        Sheridan, WY
July 31        Billings, MT
Aug 1          Bozeman, MT
Aug 2          Helena, MT
Aug 4          Missoula, MT
Aug 5          Sandpoint, ID
Aug 6          Spokane, WA
Aug 7          Leavenworth, WA - Der Hinterhof 6pm-10pm with Nigel Egg
Aug 8          Seattle, WA - Hard Rock Cafe 5pm-7pm
Aug 9          Seattle, WA - Cafe Racer 9pm-12pm
Aug 10        Seattle, WA - The Mix 8pm with Nigel Egg
Aug 11        Olympia, WA - Le Voyeur 10pm
Aug 12        Portland, OR - Starday Tavern 8pm
Aug 13        Salem, OR
Aug 14        Eugene, OR
Aug 15        Grant's Pass, OR
Aug 16        Arcata, CA
Aug 17        Fort Bragg, CA
Aug 18        Sacramento, CA
Aug 19        Oakland, CA
Aug 24        Santa Cruz, CA - Bocci's Cellar 8pm
Aug 26        Cambria, CA
Aug 27        Santa Barbara, CA
Aug 28        Los Angeles, CA
 Aug 29        Barstow, CA
Aug 30        Las Vegas, NV
Sep 1          Kingman, AZ
Sep 2          Flagstaff, AZ
Sep 5          Winslow, AZ
Sep 6          Gallup, NM
Sep 7          Albuquerque, NM
Sep 8          Santa Fe, NM
Sep 9          Roswell, NM
Sep 10        Carlsbad, NM
Sep 11        Pecos, TX
Sep 12        Odessa, TX
Sep 13        Midland, TX
Sep 14        San Angelo, TX
Sep 20        Austin, TX

Wish me well.  Hug me when you see me.