Zach Pohl live on 30A Songwriter Radio
"When a room full of musicians waiting to play at open mic insist that he go back and perform again, he must be doing something right!"

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Live Music Friday: Zach Pohl
"Today's Live Music Friday guest on Current State is Zach Pohl. He's touring the midwest and the northeast this summer, and we’ve invited him here while he’s spending some time in Michigan."

- Scott Pohl WKAR (No relation!)
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Labor of Love: Interview with The Pohl Vault
"Labor of Love: Interview with The Pohl Vault
June 22, 2016 / Jenice Johnson Williams

Zach and Keanna Pohl have not only been friends to the studio but have also exhibited their work here. Zach is a singer/songwriter. Keanna is an artist who works with Polymer clay, paints and mixed media. Collectively they title what they do as The Pohl Vault -- a delightful play on words of their last name. They both are superbly talented and our director of marketing, Best Tardy, had a phone call them recently while they have been on the road."

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